Caveman, don’t fail me now

After attempting The Biggest Loser game on Xbox, and seeing my Ghostbuster-esque Michelin ghost looking blob try to do the moves (thanks, Kinect!), I got this idea that I’m repulsive and quickly sent a text off to D.

D with his no bull-shit, no excuses way of looking out for me answered my text of “Am I repulsive?” with this concise answer:

You need to focus on healthier eating habits first, otherwise, the weight you lose will come back quickly. You are very pretty, but being unhealthy is very ugly to me if that makes sense.


Some girls might be offended but I love him for it.

It’s time to get my mind healthy and my body healthier. It’s time to heal myself, especially since right now it’s so convenient to be unhealthy and blame it on my busy days and my grief.

I’m doing a modified paleo diet plan for at least 30 days. I’ll probably want to stick with it longer, but for now that’s my goal. To start, I’m giving up dairy entirely and grains entirely. I went to Walmart with my other store’s ads and did price matches on fruit and meat. I already have vegetables in my freezer ready to go. I know, I know. Walmart. It’s where I can afford to shop right now so it’s where I went. Once I win the lottery, (ha) I will buy organic I’m sure.

I’m going to attempt to do Couch 2 5K on my phone. Right now I have an upper respiratory infection. Last week, I did day 1 and had to stop twice. I’m going to attempt it again in about a minute.

Here we go…


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