I have surpassed my 30 day goal for Paleo. I just have had a lot going on with the semester ending and I keep forgetting to update. I am now on day 36. I didn’t start taking measurements until recently but my starting weight was 240. I now weigh 222.2 and am measuring as 47 in- 40 in- 47 in.What’s up, hourglass! I am losing the most amount of my weight from my waist, which is fine with me, as I would like to keep curvy even as I lose weight.


36 days and 18 lbs is more than I could have asked for from ANY diet.


And to be truthful, I didn’t work hard. I did a few days of running- read few as in less than 5 before life started getting hectic. I need to start that again once the summer starts and semester is over. 


I took a before picture, which I’ll share once there are results that are obvious to everyone and not just me 🙂 Hoorah!


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