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I hate the idea of resolutions being a ‘thing’. The idea that tomorrow is ultimately the better time to start living. As a procrastinator, this is the kind of thinking I don’t think twice about doing. And yet, I grimace when I see people posting their resolutions because I know that they’ll fall off. They’re unreasonable for most people for an extended period of time. They’re what we’d do in an ideal situation if no other alternative exists. “I won’t eat junk food.” Good luck.

I’d love to lose weight, but only if it took exactly zero effort on my part and I could still carry on as I do.

But still, this year I feel compelled.

1. Cook more.

2. Start couponing again and continue doing sweepstakes.

3. Occasionally work ahead.

4. Think before speaking.

5. Continue getting straight A’s but only if it doesn’t infringe on the quality of life you deserve.