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The Disproportionate Amount of Forks

Lately I’ve been doing my dishes every day. A single girl without a dishwasher works in theory, but since nobody is there to call me out on my sink faux paus, they just pile up. Even moreso if I’m in a baking mood or if I’m trying to impress a man with a pan of lasagna. (Guilty. I am part 1950’s housewife.) And so, with my sudden interest in keeping a clutter free sink, I’ve noticed that I have a disproportionate ratio of forks to other utensils. This bothers me.

Forks- 11

Spoons- 5

Knives- 5

How did this happen?


At some point when I first got married, we had the same amount of everything. I think post-divorce is where things got weird in the kitchen. I went through this period of having mini-dinner parties inspired by Food Network shows. Shortly after I stopped having those, I started only cooking for myself. And then I stopped cooking anything that didn’t come from a box or from a bag in the freezer. Then I stopped caring about dishes and keeping the apartment tidy because nobody was coming over anyway. I know at one point I took almost everything in my sink and threw it away because I just did not want to deal with it and I knew I could replace the cheap Walmart plastic plates. At another point in time I purchased a small set (maybe 4) or two of forks because that’s all I use. But they were never all clean at the same time and now that they are, they stand as a sad reminder of what this year has been like.

I also feel the urge to count somebody else’s utensil drawer.