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SuperBowl $19.99 Buy it Now



I hate the SuperBowl. Not one person that I attempted to have a conversation with today had even the decency to reply because they were wrapped up in stupid mind-numbing sports. I ended my day taking 450 mg of St. John’s wort and promptly passing out. That stuff always makes me fall asleep. And then I wake up in a state slightly better than when I fell asleep. So, I guess that works.

Currently attempting to watch Dr. Who for the millionth time. I’ll say it. I’m not sure what the hooplah is as I find it doesn’t hold my attention.


My mom was here last week. I ended up kicking her out after 38 hours because she wouldn’t leave me alone. She then posted on her Facebook that I am volatile. Blocked her.

I had three people today tell me to kill myself.


No wonder I need St. John’s wort. I hate bipolar disorder almost as much as I hate my grandfather’s cancer. And more ‘family’ is coming this week. Family I don’t get along with and haven’t been around in years.